Palo Alto

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  |  100 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Palo Alto Film Poster


Jack Kilmer and Emma Roberts star in this high school drama written and directed by Gia Coppola. April (Roberts) is a typical teenage girl with typical teenage problems; she has a crush on her soccer coach Mr. B (James Franco) and a strange developing friendship with the town delinquent Teddy (Kilmer). While her friend Emily (Zoe Levin) is offering sexual favours to every boy in school, April continues to battle with her emotions, all the while growing dangerously closer to Mr. B. As Teddy tries to reform his ways and become a better person the temptation of his best friend Fred (Nat Wolff)'s wild adventures becomes too much. Can April and Teddy both put their troubles behind them and start a new life together?

very strong language, strong sex, sex references, drug use
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