|  Book Tickets: 17/06/2017
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Papagajka Film Poster


UK Premiere! Film + Q&A A man working a dead end job in a housing estate parking lot comes under the influence of a mysterious visitor in Papagajka, the debut feature from Bela Tarr protégé Emma Rozanski. Part science-fiction, part psychological horror suite, Rozanski’s film sees Damir living a reclusive life in Sarejevo, when Tasya turns up at his work station, suitcase in hand. Claiming that she needs a place to stay, she moves into his apartment, kicks him out of his bedroom, and slowly begins to take over his life. Channelling the influence of both Tarr and Polanski, Rozanski’s chilling, glacial thriller is also a cautionary tale about the disconnectedness of city living, and the insidious creep of apathy that comes with modern life.