Paper Heart

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  |  265 min
Rated PG by the BBFC


Docu-comedy co-written and directed by Nicholas Jasenovac and starring Michael Cera and Chalyne Yi. This feature combines actual documentary footage, such as interviews with the public, with a fictional plot. The film is co-written by Yi who stars, as herself, as a young comedian on a mission to define what love is and how to find it. She decides the best way to achieve her goal is to make a documentary asking people all over America about their definition and experiences of love. She takes along her friend, Nicholas Jasenovac, who is the film's actual director but played by actor Jake M Johnson, to do the shooting. While on her journey she begins to date actor Cera, who plays himself, and, as part of her film, documents their burgeoning relationship. This plan, however, may just put her own personal quest for love in jeopardy.

Contains mild sex references and language
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