|  Book Tickets: 15/03/2013
  |  125 min
Rated 12A by the BBFC
Paradesi Film Poster


A group of villagers are tricked into becoming enslaved tea plantation workers in pre-independent India in this historical drama from film-maker Bala. Living with his ailing grandmother in a rural village, Rasa (Atharva Murali)'s plans of marrying Angamma (Vedhika Kumar) are thwarted when Angamma's mother objects to the match because her prospective son-in-law has no job. Shortly afterwards, Rasa, along with a number of other villagers, signs up to work at a British-run tea plantation, with the promise of high wages and top-notch accommodation. But when they finally arrive at the plantation, Rasa and his fellow villagers quickly discover that the promises are hollow, and soon find themselves at the mercy of a group of savage and pitiless overseers intent on using every means at their disposal to keep the workers enslaved.

Contains moderate violence and infrequent moderate language
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