Paradise Lost - The Child Murders Paradise Lost 2 - Revelations

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  |  280 min
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Double-bill of the incendiary documentaries that uncovered a possible miscarriage of justice in the American state of Arkansas, after three teenagers were convicted of murder in an atmosphere of moral panic. 'Paradise Lost - The Child Murders' (1996) covers the public outrage and the trial and incarceration of the three young men accused of a child murder, two of whom were given life-sentences while the third was sentenced to death, with no supporting evidence that they were guilty. Convicted in the minds of the community because of a prejudice against the clothes they wore, the type of music they listened to and the belief that they were Satanists, the case of the 'West Memphis Three' has attracted support from stars such as Marilyn manson, Tom Waits and Winona Ryder. 'Paradise Lost 2 - Revelations' (2000) follows up the story with new evidence and makes the case for a more likely suspect in the original killings.