Paradise Trips

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Dutch holiday bus driver Mario is on the verge of his own retirement, but has to bring a motley crew of alternative partygoers to a psychedelic festival in Croatia. It's an assignment, however, to which he could hardly be more ill-suited personality-wise. He is a culturally conservative control freak now stuck driving a busload of unkempt, disrespectful twentysomething ravers to a week-long electronica festival. The journey is bad enough - upon arriving, he is even more disgusted by so much latter-day "dirty hippie"-dom, despite the efforts of Esmeralda (Marie Louise Steihns), an Earth Mother-ly woman his own age, to chill his hot-tempered vibes. A small bright spot is his sympathetic encounter with Sunny (Cedric Van Den Abbeele), the inaptly named young son of easy-going rental-group leader Miranda (Noortje Herlaar). Sunny is equally unhappy to be here, pronouncing Mario "the first normal person I've seen." The caustic humour and casual narrative feel, also heighten the impact of an inventive, delightful late passage when Mario's emotional constipation is loosened by an unwitting dose of recreational drugs - perhaps the best, most knowingly handled such sequence of hallucinogenic surrealism since Ang Lee's 'Taking Woodstock'. (Subtitles) Netherlands/Belgium 2015 Raf Reyntjens 90m Thanks to M-Appeal