Party With Barbie

  |  222 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple bill of animated adventures featuring Barbie and her friends. In 'Barbie: Princess Charm School' (2011), Blair Willows (voice of Diana Kaarina) is invited to attend Princess Charm School. Once there, she's shown how to conduct tea-parties, taught how to dance, and instructed in courtly manners. But when her court teacher Dame Devin (Nicole Oliver) realises Blair bears a strong resemblance to the kingdom's missing princess, she stops at nothing to prevent the truth getting out. In 'Barbie and Her Sisters in a Pony Tale' (2013), Barbie (Kelly Sheridan) and her sisters Chelsea (Ashlyn Drummond), Stacie (Claire Corlett) and Skipper (Kazumi Evans) jet off to Switzerland to spend the summer at their aunt's riding school nestling in the Alps. But when the future of the school is threatened, all four girls realise that they need to pull together and ride at the inter-academy equestrian tournament to help save the day. Finally, in 'Barbie in Princess Power' (2015), after Barbie (Sheridan) is kissed by a magical butterfly and transformed into crime-fighting heroine Super Sparkle, she flies around the kingdom protecting her fellow citizens from her nemesis Dark Sparkle (Britt Irvin). However, when another power rises and threatens to take over the land, the two Sparkles are forced to come together to save the day.