Patrik, Age 1.5

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  |  98 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Swedish comedy. After a long wait, long-term gay couple Goran (Gustaf Skarsgard) and Sven (Torkel Petersson) have finally had their adoption papers approved and orphaned infant Patrik, aged 1.5, is on his way - or so they think. However, an error at the adoption agency involving a misplaced decimal point leads to the arrival of 15-year-old Patrik, a homophobic delinquent with a violent criminal past. Sven, who was previously in a straight relationship and already has a teenage daughter, is hesitant of bringing up any child again, let alone a ready-made troubled teenager. But Goran, who desperately wants to become a parent, has high hopes of bringing out Patrik's better side.

Contains strong language and one brief, explicit cartoon sexual image
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