Paul Newman Collection: Volume 2

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  |  550 min
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Collection of five films either starring or directed by the Hollywood legend, Paul Newman. In 'The Silver Chalice' (1954) a young artisan, Basil (Newman), is asked to carve out the faces of Jesus and his 12 disciples into the rim of a silver chalice cast of the cup of Christ. In order to complete his task Basil must travel to Jerusalem and Rome. Jack Palance also stars as Simon the Magician, a villain who attempts to use his trickery to convince people he is the new Messiah. 'The Helen Morgan Story' (1957) is a biographical account of the troubled life of the eponymous singer and actress. Morgan (Ann Blyth) starts out as a carnival dancer, but after meeting Larry Maddux (Newman) her career takes an upward turn and soon she is a Broadway star with her own nightclub. After becoming romantically involved with Maddux she then discovers he is using her and as a result turns to alcohol. 'The Outrage' (1964) is a remake of the 1950 Japanese film 'Rashomon'. Four different accounts are told of what witnesses believe took place when a young couple were attacked by Mexican bandit, Juan Carrasco (Newman), which left the wife raped and her husband murdered. In 'Rachel, Rachel' (1968), Newman makes his directorial debut in a drama about an unmarried schoolteacher who still lives with her mother. Rachel Cameron (Joanne Woodward) is 35 years old and feels like she lives a very dull existence, but after attending a religious meeting with her friend Calla (Estelle Parsons), Rachel feels inspired to go out and live her life and ends up embarking on an affair with a man she meets. In 'When Time Ran Out' (1980) a group of tourists must flee a volcanic eruption on a beautiful island. Although the hotel manager tries to convince his guests that a rescue team will save them, one of the tourists, Hank (Newman), decides that if they want to survive they must head for higher ground on the other side of the island.