Paul Verhoeven Collection

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  |  535 min
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Collection of five movies from acclaimed Dutch director Paul Verhoeven. 'Business is Business' (1971) is a sex comedy set in Amsterdam's red light district. Prostitute Blonde Greet (Ronnie Bierman) lives a life which puts her in daily contact with the bizarre and perverse, and it seems that there is nothing in life that could shock or surprise her. But then the unflappable Blonde falls in love and finds that's when the craziness really begins. In 'Turkish Delight' (1973), attempting to forget the love he had with a young woman, sculptor Erik (Rutger Hauer) embarks upon a series of love affairs which are destructive to both him and the objects of his desire. When he meets the intense and adventurous Olga (Monique Van de Ven), Erik feels that he has met his match and the pair decide to get married - with tragic and unforeseen results. In 'Katie Tippel' (1975), Katie (Monique van de Ven) and her family leave behind their poverty-stricken small town existence and move to 19th century Amsterdam in the hope of finding a more comfortable life. What they find however is squalor, sexual degradation and disillusion. Katie then turns to prostitution and becomes the mistress of rich banker Hugo (Hauer) and, with his help, she begins making attempts to climb the social ladder. In 'Soldier of Orange' (1977) Erik (Hauer), Alex (Derek de Lint), Gus (Jeroen Krabbe) and their friends are all students at a Dutch university in the late 1930s. When the Nazi occupation begins, the members of the group all respond in different ways, with some joining the ranks of the German army, others fighting for the resistance, some escaping to England and still others falling victim to collaboration or Nazi torture. Finally, in 'The Fourth Man' (1983), alcoholic novelist Gerard Reve (Jeroen Krabbe) meets seductive beautician Christine (Renee Soutendijk) at a lecture and the two begin a passionate affair. But he soon starts to have visions warning him against her, and becomes convinced that she has murder in mind. Are these suspicions justified or is he falling over the brink of madness?