People Like Us

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  |  114 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC


Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks and Michelle Pfeiffer star in this drama exploring the complexities of modern family life. When 20-something New York salesman Sam (Pine) receives news that his long-estranged record producer dad has died at his home in Los Angeles, and that his mother, Lillian (Pfeiffer), has fallen ill with a heart condition, he flies out to California, where he swiftly finds his life turned inside out. It transpires that his father had a hidden life, one result of which is Sam's half-sister, Frankie (Banks), now a recovering alcoholic and single mother to eleven-year-old Josh (Michael Hall D'Addario). Their meeting and subsequent relationship dramatically changes the lives of both siblings as they come to terms with the fallout of long-held family secrets and lies.

Contains soft drug use and one use of strong language
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