Perdita Durango (Uncut)

  |  125 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Uncut version of Alex de la Iglesia's film with 5 minutes of previously banned footage. Perdita (Rosie Perez) and Romeo (Javier Bardem) are two lovers well-matched in temperament; Romeo is a master of bloody Voodoo rituals, Perdita is willing to cast her own spell on anyone for her personal gain. Not content with ferrying an illicit cargo of foetuses from Mexico to Las Vegas on behalf of the Mafia, the pair also kidnap an innocent young couple en route. Earmarking one of their hostages for the starring role in one of their bizarre sacrificial ceremonies, Romeo and Perdita remain unaware that life on the edge could be about to catch up with them. The character of Perdita crops up in David Lynch's 'Wild at Heart', also based on stories by Barry Gifford.