Perfect The Breakfast Club Bird On A Wire

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  |  314 min
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Triple-bill of dramas. In 'Perfect' (1985), John Travolta stars as Adam Lawrence, a Rolling Stone reporter who runs into trouble while researching two separate articles. The first involves a businessman dealing in cocaine, while the second, an expose of health clubs, brings him into intimate contact with aerobics instructor Jessie (Jamie Lee Curtis). Adam and Jessie begin a romance, but she is none too happy when she discovers that he is preparing a story on her club. In 'The Breakfast Club' (1984), five very different teenagers are stuck with each other for the day when they are forced to spend Saturday at school on detention. Gradually, unlikely friendships form. John Hughes' seminal high school comedy set the template for a number of 1980s teen movies, while Simple Minds scored a huge hit with their theme song, 'Don't You Forget About Me'. Finally, in 'Bird On a Wire' (1990), Rick Jarmin (Mel Gibson) is a double-crossed federal witness on the run with his ex-girlfriend, Marianne Graves (Goldie Hawn). Formerly involved in a South American drug cartel, Rick's whereabouts under the witness relocation program have been betrayed by an FBI agent. Now he and Marianne must evade the cops, various gangsters and the man Rick helped put in jail (David Carradine), who has escaped and is out for revenge.