Peter Sellers: The Essential Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 25/12/2007
  |  597 min
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Collection of six classic film comedies starring Peter Sellers. In 'Heavens Above!' (1963), when a well-intentioned vicar (Sellers) is appointed to a snobbish parish by mistake, all his good efforts cause chaos with the local gentry and villagers alike. 'I'm All Right Jack' (1959) takes a satirical look at trade unions and labour relations. Upon leaving the army, upper class twit Windrush (Ian Carmichael) takes a job in industry. Before long he has inadvertently started a national strike, which is subsequently mishandled by everyone involved. In 'Only Two Can Play' (1962), a Welsh librarian (Sellers), who has been married many times, burns with a desire to woo the local councillor's wife and meets with frustration around every corner. In 'Two Way Stretch' (1960), in Huntleigh prison, a group of cell mates (Sellers, Bernard Cribbins and David Lodge) plan the perfect burglary. By escaping the day before their release, then breaking back in again, they will have the perfect alibi when they rob a maharajah's palace of its diamonds - they will seemingly never have left their cell. In 'Carlton Brown and the F.O.' (1959), Terry Thomas and Sellers star in this comedy about the discovery of valuable mineral deposits, which sparks a rush to an ex-colony in the Pacific Islands. Finally, in 'Hoffman' (1970), Sellers plays Hoffman, a lecherous employer who lusts after his secretary Miss Smith (Sinead Cusack). After discovering an indiscretion on the part of her boyfriend, Hoffman blackmails Miss Smith into spending the week-end with him. But instead of pouncing on her, Miss Smith discovers that Hoffman is in fact a very lonely man - all he really wants to do is wine and dine her.