Pier Paolo Pasolini: Volume 2

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  |  287 min
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Three-helping set of films by Pier Paolo Pasolini, considered one of the most important filmmakers ever. Italian by birth, he made a name for himself as perhaps the primary revolutionary voice in postwar Italian cinema, employing similar methods to Truffaut and Godard. 'The Hawks And Sparrows'(1966) is an allegorical post-neorealist story about Totò, the beloved stone-faced clown of Italian folk-stories. Totò and his son, who is a bit of an idiot, meet a talking crow who spouts Marxism ideology and makes witty comments on the things they see. As the three travel the countryside, they encounter various people. Among these is no less a personage than St. Francis of Assisi, who demands that they convert the crow to Catholicism. The movie is an allegory about how common people are often caught between the moral imperatives of the Catholic Church and Marxism. 'Oedipus Rex' (1967) is Pasolini's version of Sophocles' Greek tragedy, filmed in Morocco and featuring a prologue and epilogue set in modern day Bologna. Oedipus (Franco Citti) unwittingly kills his father and marries his mother (Silvana Mangano), poking out his eyes when he discovers what he has done. Pasolini appears on screen as the High Priest. 'Pigsty' (1969) features two parallel stories. The first one concerns a young man (Clémenti) who wanders in a bleak volcanic landscape and turns cannibal. He joins forces with a thug and the pair ravages the countryside. The tale ends badly for Clementi and during his execution, he recites the famous tagline of the film: 'I killed my father, I ate human flesh and I quiver with joy.' The second story is about a German industrialist and his young son in '60s Germany. Julian, instead of passing time with his radically politicised fiancée, prefers to build relationships with pigs. Father, on the other hand, with his loyal aide tries to solve his rivalry with fellow industrialist. The two industrialists join forces while Julian gets eaten by pigs in the sty. Klotz and Herdhitze conceal the event to avoid a scandal.