Planet Terror

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  |  105 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Maverick director Robert Rodriguez's take on the zombie infestation genre. In a plot-line that may seem familiar, government scientists at a remote Texan facility, have managed to unleash a deadly virus that turns normal, healthy citizens into raving, murdering mutants. With the hordes of crazed psychotics multiplying at an unstoppable rate, it's a spatterfest all the way as go-go-dancer Cherry Darling (Rose McGowan), mysterious drifter El Wray (Freddy Rodriguez), and professional smuggler Abby (Naveen Andrews) have to force an escape route to a helicopter that is their only chance of escape. 'Planet Terror' was originally released in the cinema as a Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's two-film feature with 'Death Proof', under the title 'Grindhouse'.

Contains strong gore and violence
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