|  Buy to Own: 24/12/2007
  |  84 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Gritty crime thriller starring Gabriel Byrne, Val Kilmer and newcomer Mick Rossi. Ray Burns (Mick Rossi) is a small time thief hired to carry out a daring robbery. Unfortunately, something goes wrong on the job and two young men end up dead. Nothing would have been heard about this, except that one of the dead men is the favourite son of one of London's biggest mob boss (Roy Dotrice). Crooked Detective Brice (Vinnie Jones) is soon under pressure from an internal investigation for the crime, and his number one henchman Riley (Patrick Bergin) tells him that a fall guy must be found. Ray Burns fits in perfectly and a warrant is issued for his arrest. Ray is arrested and after spending eight years in jail, he's now back on the streets, wanting revenge.

Contains very strong language
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