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Rated 15 by the BBFC
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Offbeat Chilean romance follows two strangers looking for love. A lonely, restless and heartbroken man, Tristan (Andres Ulloa) is trying to recover something he has never had; Cristina (Viviana Herrera) a quirky young woman who, through a chance meeting, becomes a silent witness to his downfall. Cristina takes care of an old man in what she sees is a poor, sombre city, while Tristan wanders, heartbroken, in what he sees is a very modern city. Tristan's wife has no love for him, and Cristina doesn't love her well-meaning hunk of a boyfriend either. The curious Cristina's incursions into Tristan's life become ever more daring as she follows him on buses, waits in the morning for him to leave home, stands and sniffs his wife on the subway etc. Tristan's otherwise normally unhappily married existence, when examined under a microscope, makes even the smallest things appear fascinating and surreal.

Contains strong language
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