Pop at the Movies: Volume 1

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  |  316 min
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Collection of British musicals. In 'Play It Cool' (1962) Bobby Universe (Billy Fury) is an aspiring rock 'n' roller who winds up befriending Ann (Anna Palk), the daughter of an heiress, when he and his band get stranded in London. Bobby and the gang take Ann on a tour of the London club scene in the hope of finding her missing boyfriend. Bobby soon gets lured into the world of showbiz by what he witnesses of London's glittering nightlife, but realises that the object of Ann's affection is of dubious character. Can Bobby persuade her to elope with him? In 'Three Hats for Lisa' (1966) three friends head to Heathrow Airport in order to meet Italian film star Lisa Milan (Sophie Hardy) and end up joining her on a tour around London helping her to steal three hats to add to her collection. Their attempts to acquire hats from a businessman, a policeman and a palace guard inevitably result in chaos. '6.5 Special' (1958) follows an aspiring young singer who catches the '6.5 Special' train to London. Much to her delight, she finds the train is filled with various famous performers, including Lonnie Donegan, Dickie Valentine, Petula Clark and Joan Regan, who use the duration of the journey as rehearsal time. Finally, in 'Just for You' (1966) Casey Paxton stars as an aspiring rock 'n' roller who attempts to break into the music industry through sheer persistence, travelling to any number of TV and radio stations with his girlfriend (Katherine Quint) to try and convince them to play his song. Along the way he witnesses performances by acts including The Applejacks, The Bachelors and The Merseybeats.