Porady Na Zdrady

  |  Book Tickets: 17/03/2017
  |  100 min
Rated 12A by the BBFC


Betrayed wedding day Kalina ( Magdalena Lamparska ) and abandoned by her boyfriend Jill ( Anna Dereszowska ), untwist unusual business that once and for all is to solve the problems of male fidelity. They decide to help women and commissioned to test the loyalty of their partners. Everything goes well until the Kalina has seduced Maciej ( Nicholas Roznerski ) - a coach and a specialist for the male-female. His wife Beata ( Weronika Rosati ) suspected him of treason and wants to have it irrefutable evidence. Kalina appreciation class 'opponent', comes to work with redoubled energy. But this time the plan takes in the head. Maciej is not like other men who easily managed to catch cheating on her. Her heart - despite the provisions made - again begins to beat faster, and a great love is only a matter of time.

moderate sex references, language, brief nudity
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