Power Rangers Dino Thunder: Triassic Triumph

  |  Buy to Own: 22/08/2005
  |  110 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A spin-off of the popular 'Power Rangers' children's TV show, 'Dino Thunder' features a team of kids who discover ancient rocks that give them the ability to transform into superheroes. With the help of manufactured dinosaurs, they fight mutants created by an evil paleontologist named Mesogog (Latham Gaines) who would like to see the world return to a prehistoric era. In these episodes, Kira (Emma Lahana) and Devin (Tom Hern), while working at an internship at a TV station, are attacked by Mesagog's faceless soldiers, the Tyrannodrones. Also, a new ranger (Trent Fernandez) joins the team after saving Dr. Oliver (AKA, the Black Ranger) from certain death, but he may have an evil clone that has hooked up with Terrorsaurus.