Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: The Complete Series

  |  Buy to Own: 04/08/2008
  |  700 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: The Complete Series Film Poster


All 32 episodes from the children's sci-fi adventure series. Five brave teens set out on a global treasure hunt to track down five long-lost jewels from the Corona Aurora, Crown of the Gods. They must decode mind-crunching puzzles, embark on mythical adventures and overcome spectacular battles, or Dark Forces will wear the Crown and evil will be unstoppable. Episodes comprise: 'Kick Into Overdrive: Part 1', 'Kick Into Overdrive: Part 2', 'The Underwater World', 'Heart of Blue', 'Weather Or Not', 'Pirate in Pink', 'At All Cost', 'Both Sides Now', 'Follow the Ranger', 'Lights, Camera, Dax', 'Face to Face: Part 1', 'Face to Face: Part 2', 'Man of Mercury: Part 1', 'Man of Mercury: Part 2', 'Behind the Scenes', 'Just Like Me', 'It's Hammer Time', 'Out of Luck', 'One Gets Away', 'Once a Ranger: Part 1', 'Once a Ranger: Part 2', 'One Fine Day', 'Ronny On Empty: Part 1', 'Ronny on Empty: Part 2', 'Things Not Said', 'Red-Ranger Unplugged', 'Home and Away: Part 1', 'Home and Away: Part 2', 'Way Back When', 'Two Fallen Foes', 'Nothing to Lose' and 'Crown and Punishment'.