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  |  113 min
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Plot Summary Five people struggle in the twilight to become free and get into character. Everything happens in real time and in one take, from a hypnosis session on the outskirts of Nordvest - to a disintegrating Copenhagen. Some succumb, others move on: Meet Ruth, who has been looking for her beloved Milovan for two years and gets by on hope alone - she is covering the city with pictures of him. Maybe there's hope to be found in Lars Hviid, a spiritual guru and sex addict eager to help her. And then there's Eva, Lars wife, who is fed up with the lies and plans to move to Rio with her lover. Instead she meets violinist Lukas, who is scheming to get rid of Casper - who plays first fiddle. In the midst of all this, Milovan has returned to Copenhagen to repay his debt and commit the ultimate sin. This will be the most important 114 minutes of their lives.