Prisoner X

  |  Book Tickets: 01/05/2016
  |  88 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Prisoner X Film Poster


Director: Gaurav Seth. 2015, Canada, 88min. UK PREMIERE A sci-fi thriller set against a contemporary political backdrop. As the world rages in war and civil strife, a CIA agent arrives at a secret underground prison to interrogate a terrorist, who she believes is responsible for the unfolding catastrophe. When a man is found unconscious at the wheel of his vehicle and weapons-grade uranium is recovered from his boot, he is imprisoned. Refusing to disclose any information he does predict a series of shocking, celestial events – this is no ordinary terrorist. In the meantime, the US continues its war to neutralise the ‘jihadists’ who the prisoner claims had arrived with him from the future. Fifteen years on, the prisoner still incarcerated, agent Carmen Reese is sent to investigate the death of her predecessor. Was it suicide? She finds the answers are linked to bigger, more important questions. It’s now a race against the clock. This enigmatic thriller keeps you guessing all the way through.