Prêt À Tout

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  |  99 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC
Prêt À Tout Film Poster


French romantic comedy directed by Nicolas Cuche. After making millions starting his own internet dating business, 30-year-old Max (Max Boublil) buys a struggling fruit juice factory to try and get closer to an employee he tried and failed to romance in college. After seeing Alice (Aissa Maiga) protesting against her workplace's impending closure on TV, Max feels compelled to do everything he can to save the job she maintains to support her young son Valentin (Idriss Roberson). But Max chooses not to reveal himself as the new owner and saviour of the business and instead poses as a fellow factory worker. While he tries to make Alice and her fellow workers happy by improving the workplace, she is busy using his website to try and find the father figure missing from her son's life, something Max uses his control of the website to ensure doesn't happen.

infrequent strong language, moderate sex references
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