Psycho-pass: The Complete Series One

  |  Buy to Own: 01/09/2014
  |  481 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All 22 episodes from the first series of the Japanese anime featuring the voice talents of Kinryû Arimoto, Noriko Hidaka and Akira Ishida. The episodes are: 'Hanzai Keisuu', 'Nashi Uru Mono', 'Shiiku No Sahou', 'Dare Mo Shiranai Anata No Kamen', 'Dare Mo Shiranai Anata No Kao', 'Kyououji No Kikan', 'Shiran No Hanakotoba', 'Ato Wa, Chinmoku', 'Rakuen No Kajitsu', 'Metosura No Yuugi', 'The Saint's Supper', 'Devil's Crossroad', 'Invitation from the Abyss', 'Sweet Poison', 'The Town Where Sulfur Falls', 'The Gates of Judgment', 'Iron Guts', 'Promises Written in Water', 'Transparent Shadows', 'Where Justice Is Found', 'Blood-Stained Reward' and 'A Perfect World'.