Puppet Master X - Axis Rising

Rated TBC by the BBFC
Puppet Master X - Axis Rising Film Poster


Eleventh film in the horror series from Charles Band and sequel to the previous instalment 'Puppet Master: Axis of Evil' (2010). During World War II German officer Moebius (Scott Anthony King) steals one of Toulon's living puppets in order to remove its special life-giving serum and use it for his own evil plot to build an army of Nazi puppets. Meanwhile, having foiled the Nazis' attempt to destroy an American armaments factory, Danny (Kip Canyon) and his girlfriend Beth (Jean Louise O'Sullivan), now in the possession of Toulon's creations, introduce their bodyguard Sergeant Stone (Brad Potts) to their own army of puppets but to defeat the enemy they will need to unleash a secret weapon...