Pusher Trilogy

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  |  299 min
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All three films in the Danish crime trilogy. In 'Pusher' (1996), a small-time drug pusher, Frank (Kim Bodnia) is enjoying his life of crime - especially the money and the life-style. However, when a deal he is working on goes wrong he is left with a bit of a problem. The big boys who he has been dealing with are demanding the cash - and he has 48 hours to either get it or find another solution. If he fails to deliver he will certainly be hurt. In the sequel, 'Pusher 2' (2004), Tony (Mads Mikkelsen) is released from prison and is determined to turn his life around, but finds it more difficult than he could have imagined to escape his life of crime and drug dealing. In 'Pusher 3' (2005), Milo (Zlatko Buric), the drug lord from the first two films, is planning for his daughter's 25th birthday and anticipating delivery of a large heroin consignment. But when the heroin turns out to be 10,000 Ecstacy tablets, Milo decides to go ahead with the sale, inadvertantly sparking off a major drugs war. With no other option, Milo is forced to turn to his old henchman Radovan (Slavko Labovic) to tidy up the mess.