Quirky Guys and Gals

  |  Buy to Own: 10/10/2011
  |  91 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Collection of four short films from Japanese directors. 'Hagemashi Garuza' is directed by Yosuke Fujita and follows three cheerleaders, led by Chiharu (Nanami Sakuraba), who decide to go around cheering up those in need rather than pampered football players. However, when the owner of the coffee shop they frequent (Yoshiyoshi Arakawa) directs them to someone he believes needs cheering up, for the first time the girls' routine doesn't have the effect they had anticipated. 'Boy? Meets Girl' is directed by Tomoko Matsunashi and follows shy teenager Konosuke (Aoi Nakamura), who is unable to make headway with the object of his desire, wannabe photographer Kaori (Misako Renbutsu). Konosuke's friends disguise him as a girl and get him a job modelling for Kaori's photographs, but what will happen when his disguise slips? In 'Kuremu Naito!', directed by Mipo O, Tomochika plays Mayuko, a disgruntled power customer who demands compensation for her loss of electricity and her frustrating dealings with the company call centre. When a complaint rep from the company, Kasai (Tenkyû Fukuda), arrives at her house to apologise, his attempts at conciliation prove more successful than he may have anticipated. 'Sebiro Yashiki', directed by Gen Sekiguchi, stars Kyôko Koizumi as Mayumi, a housewife with tremendous compassion. When she discovers a man, Hirata (Yoshiyuki Morishita), hiding in a car park because he has been fired from his job and feels unable to tell his wife, Mayumi finds a new vocation as a smoother of other people's troubles.

Contains strong sex references
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