Rage Of Bahamut: Genesis

  |  Buy to Own: 06/06/2016
  |  300 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Rage Of Bahamut: Genesis Film Poster


Kei'ichi Sato directs this Japanese anime series based on the card game. In the mystical world of Mistarcia gods, demons and humans live together peacefully since sealing away the evil Bahamut creature that threatened to destroy their land two thousand years ago. All is well, until one day a woman steals the key that can release the power of the Bahamut once again... The episodes are: 'Encounter Wytearp', 'Escape of Levian', 'Fog of Nebelville', 'Reunion at Ysmenport', 'Rescue in Sword Valley', 'Anatae: Part 1 - Legendary Saint', 'Roundup', 'Anatae: Part 2 - The Storm Rages', 'Anatae: Part 3 - Beyond the Storm', 'Decision in the Wailing Woods', 'Helheim, Land of Lies', 'All Roads Lead to Abos' and 'Rage of Bahamut'.