Ramji Londonwaley

  |  Buy to Own: 16/01/2006
  |  165 min
Rated PG by the BBFC
Ramji Londonwaley Film Poster


Bollywood drama. Ramji Tiwari and his sister, Parvati, are orphans. Ramji is a skilled cook, and as head of the family he arranges Parvati's marriage with the Mishra family. He pledges to pay a large dowry which he hopes to gain by promising to marry a wealthy man's daughter. Trouble begins on Parvati's wedding day, when he finds out that his betrothed has eloped with her true love. With no dowry coming in for Parvati's in-laws, he goes to confide in Parvati's father-in-law, who mockingly gives him time to accumulate the money. A wedding guest, Pandey, is impressed with Ramji's cooking and offers him a job with in England with his cousin, which Ramji reluctantly accepts. He prepares himself to travel to London, gets all the relevant documents, causes chaos on a flight but finally lands on British soil. Things get worse when he finds out that the cousin has disappeared, his papers are all invalid, and he must find employment before he is deported from the country. He finds employment with Guru, who runs a restaurant, and want him to stay, by arranging a marriage of convenience with a young woman named Samira, or 'Sammy'. Changing his name to Robert, he marries in a strict church ceremony and ends up living with Sammy and her grandmother. Not receiving any dowry from Ramji, Parvati has been turned out of the Mishra house and is living with her lover, Pappu, meanwhile the Immigration Authorities are conducting an investigation that may well result in Ramji's being arrested, held, and then deported. Can things get any worse?