Rat Race Thunderpants Black Knight

  |  Buy to Own: 05/02/2007
  |  282 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Box set containing three popular comedy movies. In 'Rat Race' (2001), eccentric millionaire Donald Sinclair (John Cleese) gathers together a bunch of diverse characters at his Las Vegas casino and tells them there is $2 million hidden in a train station locker in New Mexico, ready and waiting for the first person to claim it. The assembled crowd quickly set off after the prize, cheating, back-stabbing, using every conceivable means of transport, and each generally doing everything in their power to claim the money. Features Rowan Atkinson as the narcoleptic Mr Pollini, Seth Green as con-artist Duane, and Cuba Gooding Jr as a football referee named Owen who travels with a busload of Lucille Ball lookalikes. In 'Thunderpants' (2002), Patrick Smash (Bruce Cook) is a young boy with a rare and devastating gift for farting; a talent which unfortunately tends to ostracise him from his peers. Luckily his best friend Alan A. Allen (Rupert Grint), a child genius with no sense of smell, has invented some special underwear - known as Thunderpants - which give Patrick a degree of much-needed control over his flatulence. But when Alan then upgrades his invention to grant Patrick the power of self-propelled flight, the boys soon find themselves whisked-off on an international adventure involving deceptive opera singers and daring space rescues. In 'Black Knight' (2001), Martin Lawrence stars as Walker, an employee at a medieval-themed mini-golf-park. The morning after a blow on the head, Walker wakes up to find that he has been transported back in time to England in the 14th century. He soon finds himself allied with a has-been knight and a peasant girl in a fight against the evil King Leo and his henchman Sir Knolte. As one would expect, comic adventures ensue.