Read You Like A Book

  |  Watch Now: 14/04/2011
  |  101 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Read You Like A Book Film Poster


A magical book transforms all who come in contact with it in a neighborhood bookstore. Our main characters include Dante, manager of the bookstore, who harbors a crippling secret from his past; Gina, a quirky customer, who knows about every subject except the most important – love; Zoe, Dante’s former lover, whose life is falling apart; Norman, a clerk, who is short on size, but big on political paranoia; and Marcia, another clerk, who’s a wise-cracking movie buff. When the magical book is used to hide incriminating data, we add to the mix some dangerous intruders and Rick, a whistle blowing doctor up against a powerful pharmaceutical corporation. What our audience will experience reflects what they might discover on the shelves of any bookstore: different genres – fantasy, romance, comedy, eroticism, mystery and a tapestry of storylines that weave together to form Read You Like a Book.