Ready To Rumble

  |  Watch Now: 16/05/2010
  |  102 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Ready To Rumble Film Poster


Gordie Boggs (David Arquette) and Sean Dawkins (Scott Caan) are huge fans of World Championship Wrestling, and their particular favourite is current champ Jimmy 'the king' King (Oliver Platt). However, when WCW promoter Titus Sinclair decrees that King must take a fall to Diamond Dallas Page in his title defence match, Gordie and Sean are horrified to see their hero humiliated in the ring. Following this crushing defeat King retires to lick his wounds, but his two greatest fans are determined to help him stage a comeback. Tracking him down to a trailer park, Gordie and Sean are disappointed to find King embittered and overweight, but enlist the help of grizzled trainer Sal Bandini (Martin Landau) to get him in shape and back at the top of the WCW.

Contains strong language, violence and sexual references
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