|  Book Tickets: 15/04/2016
  |  180 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Recalled Film Poster


Chris Rawlins demonstrates his super-human memory, razor sharp accuracy and concentration, showcasing the true power of the human brain, live on stage. This act is like nothing you have ever seen before. Chris will not only demonstrate the true power of his well sculpted memory and its super-human capacity, he will also make you laugh and gasp. He will even teach you a unique skill that will never be forgotten. An experience not to be missed! “You could almost hear the jaws dropping…just wow!” The British Library, London. “We thoroughly enjoyed hosting such an impressive, charismatic and funny man. We would be honoured to have him back.” York University, Psychology. “Chris is a creative, original thinker and a truly great performer. I highly recommend you all to see him in action.” Uri Geller.