Red Eagle

Rated TBC by the BBFC


Thai action movie in which a vigilante begins to impose his own brand of justice on a corrupt city. Set in a near-future Bangkok, the film depicts a city whose streets are full of crime and whose institutions are rotten to the core. The corruption appears to go as high as the city's top elected official, Direk (Pornwut Sarasin), who despite obtaining office on an anti-corruption platform is now pushing through plans for a controversial nuclear plant. The city's disgust with the plan is embodied by the reaction of Direk's fiancée, Vasana, who leaves him over the issue. Instead, Vasana finds herself becoming increasingly drawn to the actions of a vigilante, Red Eagle (Ananda Everingham), who decides to tackle the corruption of the city head on. But Red Eagle is in turn being hunted by an assassin, Black Devil (Jonathan Hallman), and becoming entangled in his struggle could prove highly dangerous to Vasana.