Red Garden: Complete Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 25/12/2007
  |  600 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All 22 episodes of the urban horror anime set in modern day New York. An odd string of suicides surrounds a private institution on Roosevelt Island. On the night a classmate dies, Kate, Rachel, Rose and Claire wake with no memories of the evenings' events. The next night, the four girls are drawn together by mysterious red butterflies only they can see. Converging at Central Park, the girls are approached by a strange woman who tells them they are dead. Now, the four girls must work together to learn the secrets of their death - and the means to return to their previous life. The episodes are: 'Farewell, Girls', 'Cruel Night', 'True Me', 'Where Are We Going?', 'Every Window', 'Small Light', 'Another Fate', 'Go Love', 'Awakening', 'Bewildered', 'Respective Thoughts', 'His Expectations', 'Holiday', 'The Reason for Fighting', 'Sorrow, and Hatred, and...', 'A Sad Lie', 'The Truth', 'A Little Hope', 'Feelings That Won't Reach', 'The Room Left Behind', 'The Final Morning' and 'Light'.