Red Light Revolution

  |  Book Tickets: 23/01/2012
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  |  Watch Now: 19/08/2013
  |  91 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Chinese comedy following the adventures of a luckless Beijing man who opens his own sex shop in an attempt to improve his life situation. Shunzi (Jun Zhao) is in a bad way. Not only has his girlfriend recently left him, but he has been sacked from his job as a taxi driver. Back living with his parents and with no income of his own, Shunzi's prospects seem bleak. When a successful former school friend (Xiduo Jiang) points him in the direction of Iggy (Masanobu Otsuka), a cut-price supplier of adult goods, Shunzi decides that anything is worth a try. He proceeds to open his own adult shop, with the help of his friend, Lili (Vivid Wang), but will the residents of the neighbourhood dare to visit the store? Moreover, will the ruling Communist party allow him to remain open if they discover what he is selling?

Contains strong language and sex references
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