Red Nights

  |  Book Tickets: 30/03/2012
  |  Buy to Own: 10/09/2012
  |  98 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Thriller set in Hong Kong where an ancient potion capable of magnifying human sensations is discovered and falls into the hands of a woman prepared to make use of it. Carrie Chan (Carrie Ng), a wealthy Hong Kong lady of leisure, is obsessed with the mythology surrounding the potion, said to be concealed in a jade skull, to such an extent that she stages a play relating its history. The potion was used by a torturer employed by the first Chinese emperor, drawing excruciating pain from his subjects, until he committed suicide and the jade skull was lost. Carrie is equally drawn to the elixir due to its ability to magnify sexual pleasure and displays great excitement when Catherine (Frédérique Bel) arrives in Hong Kong seeking a buyer for a skull that matches the description of the myth. Catherine unwittingly finds herself in great danger as Carrie seeks to acquire the potion. Will she use it for good or for evil?

Contains very strong gore and sexualised violence
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