Rated TBC by the BBFC


An RV is nestled among the brush in the desert. Silence is broken by one alarming gunshot. Moments later, Darryl, a high school teacher, astride his motorcycle is seen. Ready to toss his failed first novel into a landfill, he stops and pulls it out of his satchel. His motorcycle sputters and is out of fuel. He spies the lone RV, and goes over to get help. The van seems to be vacant. The door is unlocked and he steps inside to take shelter. As he finishes a phone call with his fianc??e, promising to be on time for their engagement party that evening, Amelia emerges from the bedroom with gun in hand. Over Amelia's shoulder Darryl sees a bloody, lifeless man. Realizing Darryl has seen too much, Amelia announces that he will be her traveling companion. As the RV leaves its mooring, a dead body decomposes in the back, a novel shrinks up in the front and two lost souls seek refuge and redemption on New Mexico's back roads. MPAA Rating: TV-14 L: Indicates the presence of strong, coarse Language. Contains some material parents may find unsuitable for children under age 14. ?? 2011, Refuge Productions. Artwork ?? 2011, Celebrity Home Entertainment