Repo Man Death Race 2000 Duel

  |  Buy to Own: 07/05/2007
  |  250 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Cult cars triple. In 'Repo Man' (1984), Otto (Emilio Estevez) takes a car repossession job with Bud (Harry Dean Stanton) after losing both his job and his girlfriend. In the course of his work he gets threatened by the irate owners of the vehicles he has to claim back, and then becomes involved with a chase after a '64 Chevy and its lethal cargo. 'Death Race 2000' (1975) follows the rivalry between Frankenstein (David Carradine) and 'Machine Gun' Joe Viterbo (Sylvester Stallone), two road racers fighting it out in a lethal futuristic motorsport known as the Transcontinental Death Race. Frankenstein is the contest's defending champion, but Joe throws down a challenge that the pair of them race to the death, and in a sport which scores extra points for knocking down pedestrians, that is something which should be taken very seriously indeed. In Steven Spielberg's debut feature 'Duel' (1972), businessman David Mann (Dennis Weaver) is driving on a lonely stretch of highway when he notices that he is being followed by a huge, menacing diesel truck. The truck then starts trying to push him off the road, and despite Mann's attempts to defuse the situation, it soon has him engaged in a punishing duel to the death. Originally made for American television, the film was later given a cinema release in the UK.