Retour De Flamme: 03

  |  Buy to Own: 04/12/2006
  |  135 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


The 'Retour de Flamme' film collection took its name from the movement to save from the flames early films shot on highly flammable nitrate stock, and to bring these treasures of the cinema to the widest possible audience. This collection contains the following short films, excerpts of films, outtakes, cartoons and advertisements: 'What a Whopper!' (1921), 'In the Land of Giants and Pygmies' (1925), 'Cartoon Factory' (1924), 'The Dancing Pig' (1907), 'Madame Babylas Loves Animals' (1911), 'Slapstick News' (1948), 'Six Commercials (directed by Lortac)' (1920), 'The Great Train Robbery' (1903), 'Snake Dance in the Lion's Cage' (1900), 'Kobelkoff' (1900), 'Hollywood Steps Out' (1941), 'Never Weaken' (1921), 'Jazz Hot' (1939) and 'The Flight Around the World' (1924).