Return Of The Saint: The Complete Series

  |  Buy to Own: 29/01/2007
  |  1200 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Return Of The Saint: The Complete Series Film Poster


1970's series resurrects '60's hero Simon 'The Saint' Templar and brings him up todate '70s style. The original '60's character from the books by Leslie Charteris was a suave, debonair, Volvo 1800-driving, polo-neck-wearing smoothie with a neat sideline in special agent-ism played by Roger Moore. The '70s version starred Ian Ogilvy- an equally quintessential English smoothie who drove a Jag XJS and sported the latest in funky '70s threads. The primary difference between the two was that Ogilvy's character operated mainly in mainland Europe in exotic destinations where Moore's had only dull old Blighty in which to operate. Episodes included: 'The Judas Game', 'The Nightmare Man', 'Duel In Venice', 'One Black September', 'The Village That Sold Its Soul', 'Assault Force', 'Yesterday's Hero', 'The Poppy Chain', 'The Arrangement', 'The Armageddon Alternative', 'The Imprudent Professor', 'Signal Stop', 'The Roman Touch', 'Tower Bridge Is Falling Down', 'The Debt Collectors', 'Collision Course: The Brave Goose', 'Collision Course: The Sixth Man', 'Hot Run', 'The Murder Cartel', 'The Obono Affair', 'Vicious Circle', 'Dragonseed', 'Appointment In Florence'and 'The Diplomat's Daughter'.