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  |  98 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Drama starring Linda Cardellini as a National Guard soldier who returns home from duty and struggles to readjust to civilian life. Kelli (Cardellini) is looking forward to getting back to her family after a tough tour of duty in the Middle East. However, to her great surprise, her initial happiness at seeing her husband, Mike (Michael Shannon), and their two daughters again gradually gives way to an increasing sense of paranoia and isolation. Convinced that Mike has betrayed her while she was away, Kelli begins spending time with Bud (John Slattery), a war veteran with a drinking problem. As Bud's attempts to block out his unpleasant memories of combat with alcohol start to rub off on Kelli, she finds herself drifting further away from the root of her former happiness - her family and friends - and in desperate need of direction.

Contains strong language, sex and hard drug use
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