Rideback: The Complete Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 31/10/2011
  |  432 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Anime series in which a former ballet dancer learns to pilot an advanced machine called a rideback. Rin Ogata (voice of Tia Lynn Ballard) dreamt of becoming a ballet dancer and had the talent to match her ambition. That is, until an unfortunate leg injury ended her dreams. Years later, Rin comes across some members of a rideback club while sheltering from the rain at university. They convince her to take one out for a spin and Rin discovers her former balletic prowess makes her an ideal pilot. Rin becomes involved with the club just as an oppressive military organisation, GGP, begin using manned ridebacks to control dissidence. It isn't long before Rin and her club begin using their rideback skills to resist the GGP's corrosive power...