Ring Master

  |  Book Tickets: 18/04/2014
  |  153 min
Rated 12A by the BBFC
Ring Master Film Poster


Malayalam comedy starring Dileep in the lead role of Prince. Dissatisfied with his daily life, pet shop worker Prince dreams of one day travelling the world. When he receives an offer of a job from a wealthy woman who is in the process of moving to America, Dileep sees it as a chance to expand his skills. The job is to take care of the owner's favourite dog, Lisa, and to keep her away from male dogs. When Karthika (Keerthi Suresh)'s dog Toby gets Lisa pregnant Prince panics about how to break the news to his employer. The situation gets worse when Lisa dies and Prince is left with an unwanted puppy who he names Diana. What will Prince say when Lisa's owner returns?

moderate injury detail, violence, threat
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