Rise of the Fellowship

  |  Buy to Own: 01/12/2014
  |  Watch Now: 01/12/2014
Rated PG by the BBFC


Fantasy gaming comedy. Randall (Justin Moe) works in a shop selling video games and spends most of his time playing them with his friends too, but unfortunately this doesn't make them very popular with their peers. When a 'Lord of the Rings' gaming competition is announced, the friends decide they have to enter, despite the more popular kids in school wanting to take them on and beat the geeks at their own game. They embark on a quest to win the competition and find their journey seems to bear an uncanny resemblance to that of the fellowship in 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy. As they encounter dangerous obstacles and battle foes the group must unite and conjure bravery they never thought they could possess.

mild drug references, threat, violence, mild bad language
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