Rise of the Flesheaters - 3 Film Zombie Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 13/10/2008
  |  255 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple bill of low budget, zombie-themed horror films. In 'Strippers vs. Zombies - Zombies Zombies Zombies' (2007), a slacker and two local prostitutes unwittingly take a drug that transforms them into bloodthirsty zombies. Pretty soon, they're terrorising a group of exotic dancers in The Grindhouse Strip Club and the strippers must use all their wits to fend off the bloodthirsty critters. In 'Days of Darkness' (2007), the day after an apparently harmless comet collides with the earth, young lovers Steve (Travis Brorsen) and Mimi (Roshelle Pattison) are viciously attacked by a man staggering along the road. They are rescued by Simon (Chris Ivan Cevic), who takes them to a concrete bunker in a hidden compound in the hills where they join nine others who have also been rescued. Together the small group of survivors must join forces to make a stand against a flesheating army of the undead. Finally, in 'The Zombie Diaries' (2006), a zombie-creating virus has taken hold across the world, with its effects recorded by the video cameras of three separate groups of survivors. A couple fleeing London begin scavenging what they can in the devastated towns, oblivious to the ever-present danger. In another area, survivors hole up in a farmhouse to escape the nightmare, only to find themselves under siege from the undead. Finally, a film crew caught up in events decides to shelter in nearby woods, unaware of the approaching horror.