Road To... Complete Collection

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All seven films in the Bing Crosby and Bob Hope 'Road to...' series. In 'Road to Singapore' (1940), Dorothy Lamour plays exotic beauty Mima, who comes between Josh Mallon (Crosby) and Ace Lannigan (Hope) when they hide out in Singapore, forswearing all dealings with the opposite sex. With Mima's arrival, the boys find themselves reverting back to their old womanising ways, but which one will get the girl? In 'Road to Zanzibar' (1941), the duo find themselves on a slow boat to Africa, and once they land they find themselves caught up in all kinds of adventures from slave trading to detective work for the beautiful Donna Latour (Lamour). In Road to Morocco' (1942), during the Second World War, Jeff Peters (Crosby) and Orville 'Turkey' Jackson (Hope) are shipwrecked near the coast of Morocco and find the country hostile to foreigners. The usual mayhem occurs with the beautiful Princess Shalmar (Lamour) buying Crosby as a plaything. In 'Road to Utopia' (1946),Sal Van Hoyden (Lamour) and Chester Hooton (Hope) are married and thinking about how they came about their wealth and how they lost their best friend Duke Johnson (Crosby). However, Duke pops up and the story is told (in flashback) of his adventures with Chester; from their failed attempts at being vaudevillians through to their purloining the deed of a gold mine from gangsters and pretending to be them. As usual the duo get into all kinds of scrapes. In 'Road to Rio' (1947), Scat Sweeney (Crosby) and Hot Lips Burton (Hope) are on the run from the law once again, this time as stowaways on an ocean liner bound for Rio de Janeiro. When they come to the rescue of beautiful heiress Lucia Maria de Andrade (Lamour), they are surprised at her ungrateful reaction - until they realise she has been hypnotised by her scheming Aunt Catherine (Gale Sondergaard). In 'Road to Bali' (1952), Hope and Crosby star as a music hall act who take jobs as deep-sea divers and then set sail for a crazy South Seas adventure, encountering cannibals, a giant squid, and the Princess McTavish (Lamour) along the way. Jane Russell, Humphrey Bogart, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis also turn up in cameo roles. Finally, in 'Road to Hong Kong' (1962), Hope and Crosby star as conmen Chester Babcock and Harry Turner in their final 'road' comedy collaboration. When Chester loses his memory, a wacky espionage adventure ensues for the wisecracking duo, taking them from Sri Lanka to Hong Kong via Tibet - and outer space. Along the way they become entangled with a beautiful but deadly spy, Diane (Joan Collins), who will stop at nothing to get her hands on a secret Russian formula for rocket fuel that Chester has inadvertently memorised. The film features cameo appearances from stars including Peter Sellers, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and David Niven.