Roadkill Wrong Turn The Hole

  |  Buy to Own: 06/09/2004
  |  275 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple bill of modern horror films. In 'Roadkill' (2002), Lewis (Paul Walker) and Fuller (Steve Zahn) are two brothers travelling across America by car. In order to pass the time, they use the CB radio to play a joke on a trucker named Rusty Nail, convincing him that Lewis is a woman called Candy Cane and arranging a rendezvous in a motel room. But when the trucker realises what has happened, he kills the innocent occupant of the motel room, kidnaps the room-mate of Lewis' friend Venna (LeeLee Sobieski), and comes after the teenagers in a psychotic fit of rage. In 'Wrong Turn' (2003), Chris (Desmond Harrington) takes an unexpected detour down an old dirt road to avoid a traffic jam on his way to a job interview. Stressed out and distracted, he crashes into the back of a car stuck in the middle of the road, immobilised by barbed wire. The car belongs to five friends on a camping trip. Two of the group stay with the cars while the other four set out to find help. But they soon discover they've been led into a horrible trap when they find a old cabin in the woods occupied by a gang of disfigured cannibals. In 'The Hole' (2001), school nerd Martin (Daniel Brocklebank) helps three friends, Mike (Desmond Harrington), Geoff (Laurence Fox) and Frankie (Keira Knightley) avoid a field trip to Wales by taking all three of them, along with his dream-girl Liz (Thora Birch), to an old underground bunker. Together the teenagers party non-stop for three days in their sound-proof shelter, but when Martin doesn't return to let them out, the party atmosphere changes quickly into a living nightmare. Liz is found a few days later walking towards the school, covered in blood and traumatised. She is taken to a police psychologist where she tells her story; but when Martin is later picked up, he gives a very different account.